What should we wear?
Such a good question, and one that many people have.  Wear what you want. Do you like bright colors and different combinations?  Go for it.  Do you have a nice dress that you look awesome in? That’ll work.  Are your pictures going on a wall in your red-accented living room? Wear red accents. Be bold, it’ll pay off in your pictures.  Your taste makes you distinctly you. The pictures will reflect that.  Same goes for your kids – tutus and cowboy boots make for great pictures.  Along those lines, if you have some props (your husband’s guitar, a funky stool you picked up at the flea market, a great hat) you’d like to bring, do it!

What about my newborn baby, what should they wear?
Nothing at all! Newborns are the cutest in their birthday suits. I do recommend a cute diaper cover, or cloth diaper for part of the shoot. You can find lots of cute covers on http://www.etsy.com. For older babies, birthday suits are also good, but feel free to have fun with different outfits.

What can we expect with our session?
First off, you won’t be expected to sit in any “portrait studio” poses. That is not me. I will not pose you, but rather direct you. I want to capture those fun moments when you are laughing, playing, interacting. Please let the session be as relaxed for you as it can. Do not worry about the fact that your kids won’t sit still.  I’ll follow them around. Just enjoy yourselves, and I promise we’ll get some good shots.

How long is your session?
A typical family/child session will last about an hour (sometimes less, sometimes more). If there are younger kids involved in the photo session, then you can expect to be done in an hour, you won’t find me trying to push your kids to the limit (I know what that does to Mom and Dad)! When it comes to couples and seniors, I like to be very creative with my posing, so please expect to be with me for up to 2 hours.

What if the weather is bad on the day of my shoot?
The only thing that would make me reschedule the shoot would be if there was rain. I will not reschedule because it’s too cold (dress warm!) or if it’s too hot (dress cool!). A cloudy day is absolutely perfect for a photo shoot, so no worries there. If it decides to rain, we’ll just reschedule for a time that works best for you.

Can I post my pictures online?
Of course you can! I only ask you give me credit or link back to my blog or website!

Is “Just a Taste” for me?
Just a Taste is for you if: you don’t need a lot of pictures right now, you are short on time, or you just don’t have a little more to invest in a larger shoot.  You have a little girl turning 2 and you want a handful of images to remember this time by? Just a Taste was built for that!
Just a Taste is not for: newborns, bridals, engagement, or a large family.  All of these are hard to squeeze into a short amount of time.

What does a “Just a Taste” session look like?
It’s fast.  30 minutes max.  It’s great for 1 or 2 kids.  It’s great to commemorate a holiday, birthday, or special occasion (first dance recital?). You show up and we get started pretty quick.  You do your thing and I capture it.  Within a couple of weeks you’ll receive your images on a proof gallery to select your files with the option to purchase all of the images.  I think of it as minimal investment and maximum return for the client.


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