I got the pleasure of photographing this precious family.  I knew Emily in high school, but we were in separate grades and ran with separate crowds, so we weren’t close and then didn’t keep in touch.  In fact, we had little interaction besides kind of randomly riding to prom together one year.

Then I ran into her and her sweet little girl at Bible Study Fellowship last year.  It was such a surprise to run in to each other at such a random place!  Lucky for us, we were in the same group last year and this year so we’ve had plenty of time to reconnect and grow a friendship as grown ups!

Getting to meet and hold this baby boy was such a joy for me.  I’ve been praying for him since before he was born.  I loved watching E as a big sister, I loved watching Brett and Emily working together to care for their two babies, and of course I loved snuggling that newborn boy.

How do I get such beautiful families to photograph??? I don’t know.  But this one is just gorgeous.  Inside and out.  Thank you, Reis family!  I enjoyed our session start to finish.