Just a little over a month before I have my very own newborn girl, I got to do a session for a newborn girl.

So that was perfect.  I had all sorts of props and ideas I wanted to try out, and some fresh inspiration since I’m looking forward to doing my own daughter’s pictures.

This little girl was being topped off as I arrived, and she happily went to sleep for the rest of her session.  I was able to swaddle her, un-swaddle her, change headbands and bows, move her positions… she just slept away.  She gave her mom some sweet smiles, she let her big brothers hold her… basically I’m saying she has already proven to be a sweet and obedient daughter.

I am always so grateful to parents who let me into their lives and homes days after their babies are born.  That is a time I like to refer to as the Twilight Zone, and to have a photography session on top of that can feel daunting.  I do everything I can to take away ANY stress of a shoot, but still.  THANK YOU, new parents, for letting me in to capture these priceless moments in those first few days.

Without further ado, one beautiful baby girl…