These are two of the kindest, most well mannered, goofiest boys I’ve ever met.  This is my second time to photograph them and this is the second time I have enjoyed our session immensely.  Owen, the younger of the two, has been in Shepard’s class at preschool for 3 years now, and I love that they’re friends.  As a parent it is so nice for your kids to befriend other kind, well behaved children.  Because that isn’t a given.

These boys also have a great mom and dad, which is where I assume they get it.  I’m going to miss seeing their faces every Tuesday and Thursday next year when Owen enters Kindergarten!  Until then, enjoy these spring pictures, Maguire family!

042614_2721 042614_2724 042614_2734 042614_2740 042614_2750BW