Miss Caroline turned 6 months old and her first-time-parents were shocked at how much she had changed.  That shock isn’t unique to first time parents, though.  In just a short span of time your sweet newborn isn’t newborn.  They’re smiling and sitting and reaching and grabbing and too soon they’re moving.  It’s bittersweet because your newborn is already grown into baby-hood (sad), but they’re so stinking cute and fun and responsive at 6 months (sweet).

This little girl was an absolute doll.  Seriously.  She looks like a precious doll.  Thank you for hiring me, parents-of-daughters… I eat this baby girl stuff up.  The monogramming?!  The smocking?!  The bonnet?!  Sigh.  Anyway, Caroline was intent on making us work for her smiles, and even then she was stingy with them.  I guess it doesn’t really matter when you’re this adorable.

042214_2424 042214_2429 042214_2483 042214_2498 042214_2505 CarolineP