I can’t tell you how sweet these boys are, how awesome their parents are, how doting their big brother and sister are.

I love this family.

I would like to tell you how I first heard about these boys.

Picture dinner with two of your best girlfriends.  All three of you are pregnant.  One of you is going in for your 8 week appointment the next morning.  She’s terrified and convinced she’s having twins.  The other girlfriends reassure her, it’s not twins.  Every mom with at least 1 kid is afraid that every subsequent pregnancy is twins.  It’s not!  They don’t run in her family, it’s just not twins. The three friends make jokes about “the twins she’s having”… hahahahahahaha.

And then the call the next day.

She’s having identical twins.


No mom was more cut out for having twins than my friend Whitney.  She’s a terrific mother.  She loves all her babies so well.  They also have a great dad, which totally helps.

I mean, they have parents that love them so much, within a week of the twins’ birth, Whitney and Chris went out and bought them a brand new minivan.  Y’all.  That’s love.