I got the extreme pleasure of spending some time with this angel this morning.  Nothing can give you baby fever like a sweet baby girl that is on her very best behavior.

I can’t tell you how much fun LB’s grandmother and I had dressing her up, moving her around, and snuggling.  All while Mom and Dad left us to our very important work of capturing this angel while she’s still in her first week of life.

I really wanted to take baby girl home with me, she was that sweet.  And beautiful.  She looked like a c-section baby but her mother got the pleasure of not having major surgery…win win.

Liz and Travis, I could barely contain myself with these images.  I wanted to show case them all.  🙂  I’m going to have to pace myself on editing.  L made my job super easy this morning.  I only got to be with her for a couple hours and I’m in love… I know you guys must be over the moon.

Thank you for a lovely session this morning.  Enjoy your preview!

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