This family kicked off my last set of Christmas mini sessions for 2012.

Everyone who attended this mini session set was so super flexible.  They signed up for an urban setting, which I think we can all assume means downtown Austin.

But Formula 1 had different plans for us.  I moved the sessions to Southwestern University in Georgetown.  A beautiful setting all year round.

But what really makes the session?  The family.

And the Woolseys are one of my clients who are also friends, which just makes it that much more fun.

Miss Allie is going to be a big sister next year, but for now she is loving life as the Queen Bee.  She is so sweet, and I loved her singing (personal fave: You Are My Sunshine).  Two can be a challenging age, but it also comes with so many rewards.

Thanks for another great session, Woolseys! Enjoy your preview!

Just look at that smile! Sweet girl.

Such a great family.