Besides a well dressed family, beautiful daughters, a mom and dad in love, the key to this session was one thing:

An awesome bean bag.  Oh, I’ve got my eye on that bag, now.

Anyway, back to these fabulous folks.

They are truly troopers, because we have had 2 sessions that went less than ideal before this spectacular session.  When you’re trying to get a newborn and an 18 month old to cooperate at the same time… well… it isn’t an easy task.

But today you would not have known that.  These girls did beautifully! Landon was cheesing it up big time, Elin was content but awake, and we had one clutch Aunt on hand to make a fool of herself (all for the cause, Lilly, MVP to you).

Thigpens, I am always so honored to be your photographer time after time.  I really do love getting to watch your family and girls grow.

Enjoy your preview!



Mama and her girls.

Dad and Daughters