I have the highest expectations from the Fords.

I did a Valentine’s Day session giveaway a couple years ago, and the person that won it gave their free session to the Fords.

The Fords had a brand new baby boy and they needed some newborn and new family pictures.

We got some awesome pictures.  Example:

And then they came back for a little more last year at my very limited Christmas mini sessions.  And I got one of my favorite images ever. Example:

So in 2012 you can see why I have my expectations so high.  Myles is a ham.  Not only that, he’s a handsome ham, which works out really well.  Duke and Dora (the poodles) are always game for a little photo sesh, and Jason and Jenny are some of the coolest dressed couples you’ll meet.  I love their style.

Fords, y’all are awesome.  Enjoy your preview!

See what I mean about their style? I love it.

Myles giving the cheese. This boy cracks me up.

Do you love Jenny’s dress and tights? Me too. And Jason’s vest? Yep. And pretty much everything about Myles? I know.