The Norris family is some of our nearest and dearest friends, and I love getting to take pictures of them.

Their little girl is such a cutie, and she is such a love bug.  Seriously.  She has been smiley since she was a newborn, and she just has never stopped.

The pictures I selected for your preview, Norris fam, make me laugh.  Out loud.  Love y’all!!!

Okay, so this one doesn’t make me laugh, it’s just awesome. Thank you, sunflare.

This girl giving herself a tight squeeze is perfect. If any little girl was going to give herself a great big hug just because, it’s this one.

I know. It’s awkward. But it’s awesome at the same time. Morgan, when Jon sees this and hates me, make sure he knows I picked it because I love how y’all are looking at each other. It’s perfect, partly because of the awkward arm. 🙂