One of the best things about being a photographer is getting to see families grow and kids grow up.

The Davids had one of my 4 mini sessions last year, and I’m so glad they signed up for another year.  Their baby girl is growing up so fast, as these kids tend to do, and what a joy it is to capture this time for them.

Also, I get a kick out of how God orchestrates our lives and who is in them.  Tyler and I always joke about high school… “allegedly” he is/was friends with many people I was friends with… except I didn’t go to church with them, so I didn’t know Tyler.  And you wouldn’t have caught me dead going to church with them back in high school… but Tyler is a fantastic pastor at the church I go to now.  So.  That God and His sense of humor.

Davids, thanks for being such fun friends and clients!



There’s that sweet smile.

Love this family.

Is this rude that I’m previewing this photo? I think not. I couldn’t help it, anyway. 🙂