What a sweet family the Carmichaels are.  I’ve had the privilege of becoming friends with the mama of this family, our sons are both born within a month of each other, and our husbands have the same career/passion.  How nice is that?!

This was my first time to photograph the Carmichaels, and I have to tell you, these sweet boys made my job easy.  They smiled readily, they interacted with me, their parents, and each other.  And they’re just naturally so darn cute.

Carmichaels, thanks for such a fun, easy, great session!

Seriously, these brothers! So. CUTE.

I did nothing here. These boys were just perfect! Oh, and mom and dad. Hi. Y’all did great, too. 🙂

Speaking of mom and dad, I love a good husband and wife combo where you can tell there is respect and LOVE. J&P, y’all are wonderful!