Here is another family that I was meeting for the first time at Saturday’s Christmas mini sessions, and I left the session feeling so blessed to be doing this photography thing.

The Knittels go to the same church as my family, and they’re in community with people we’re friends with, and yet our paths have never crossed.

But I am so glad they did.

These boys were so funny and reminded me a lot of my own boys.  I’m a big fan of brothers, especially when there is a trouble maker involved.  🙂

And their daughter is a beauty and I can tell she’s full of spunk.  But she generously allowed me to wear her pink scarf while she had her pictures taken, so I know that girl has a kind heart, too.

We were also able to grab a few pictures of cousins as well, and if you know anything about my own family, we love cousins, so I was excited that the girls were in town for pictures.

All in all, a wonderful family session.  And the images are amazing.  I’m so excited to work my way through this session, because it has some awesome pictures in it.  Below is a quick sample.

Thanks, Knittels!