Try not to be too blown away by this family’s gorgeousness.  It’s going to be hard.

They are as sweet as they are good looking, so I count myself lucky to get to call them friends, not just clients.

Janisches, I can’t wait to get you the rest of your images!  This session turned out so beautiful!  You’d never know it was 99% humidity, a large fundraising event was being broken down around us, sweat was pouring, and happy time was running short with the kids.  🙂

Mom&Dad. Whitney&Chris. Call them what you will. They’re awesome.

This boy has a heart of gold. He is such a sweetheart.

Annie Girl is about to turn 1! Already!

Oh yeah, that’s right, because she was just born!!! She can’t be almost 1.

Beautiful. And Whitney, seriously, quit being so chic.