I’m ready for fall… anyone else?

No?  Just me?

Hm. I guess everyone else is enjoying endless days of 105 degree heat.

My pregnant self loves it.  And so does my toddler.

{Sarcasm.  Heavy sarcasm.}

This is a sweet little pre-fall reminder:

  1. It will cool down.  Eventually.
  2. It will have to rain around here sometime.  That means it will go from brown brown brown to… well, hopefully something less brown before winter arrives and we’re back at brown.
  3. You’re probably sporting a pretty nice summer tan right now.
  4. The last few lazy days of summer are still here.  Don’t look forward on your calendar to the fall, you might start sweating… oh wait…
  5. Items 1-4 lead me to this point: you should start thinking about your Christmas card family photo now.  Or very soon.

Why now?!

Well, I’m glad you asked.  I love numbering things, and I’ve got a few more for you:

  1. Hello, look above.  #1-4.
  2. I take very limited bookings.  I love to give my clients the absolute best, and that’s just not possible for me if I’m shooting 3-5 sessions a week.  Your images will suffer. My family will suffer.  It’s ugly.
  3. I’ve got a new baby coming at the beginning of December. Remember #2?  So…
  4. Limited Availability + New baby = Even less holiday availability than normal.