This session may have been planned in the last minute, but I’m so glad it worked out.

Because these kids were too much fun.

Little girl has grown so much since her last session, and it is always a pleasure for me to see the changes these kids make in such a short amount of time.  Pleasure when it’s someone else who has the baby growing up too fast, heartache when its my own!

And then I got to meet Little Girl’s cousins!  Her youngest cousin is just turning 2, and he was really the one sharing this session, but how could I resist getting a couple pictures of twin 5 year olds?!  So much personality in those two.  Little Brother was super shy, but you’ll see, when he smiles, he is a handsome heart breaker.  And he did smile.  And ham it up on occasion.

These kids gave us quite the work out in the early-June-but-feels-like-late-August heat and humidity, but it doesn’t show on them.

See what I mean? These kids are precious.