I can’t believe we’re coming up on this little girl’s 1st birthday.  It seems like just yesterday she was born, but it also feels like a lifetime ago.  S’s parents are our closest friends, and I guess since our little guy is walking and talking and running and yelling, it seems like S should be, too.  The 6 month gap between them is huge right now.  In time it won’t be.

This baby girl is the smiliest (word? it is now) baby I’ve ever seen.  She laughs at everything, even the misery of other babies.  Seriously.  No one will accuse S of letting another child’s fit get her down.

She is chubby chubby chubby, and pats her belly like a sumo wrestler.  It. Is. Adorable.  You should see her play with my son, it’s like the duo on 101 Dalmatians: the tall skinny one and the short chubby one.

This girl gets more beautiful and more sweet by the day.  We’re so lucky to know her.