Well, the time has come.  Yes, it has.  Portfolio building is complete.  I have lots of wonderful images of families, of babies, of couples.  It’s 2011, and there is no need to dilly dally in the portfolio building phase any longer.

To you this means it’s time to book now.  If you want to snag some portfolio building prices, now is your time.  Because a business can’t operate forever at a loss, am I right?

If you’re reading this in Dallas/Fort Worth and you wish you could use eKp at portfolio building prices, you can.  Great news, right?  We have a couple trips planned in the near future, so we could very possibly make something work.

Okay, well, thanks for reading this blog, for hiring me (I’ve loved meeting you all!), and for recommending me to others!

On another note, making a price plan is driving me to the drink. No, not really. But my brain is mush.