Baby girl W is precious.  She was awake the entire session, and was happy as could be.  She just wiggled and squirmed and looked at her brand new world.  The difference between a baby a couple days old and a baby between 10-14 days old is notable.  They just seem to wake up and are ready to learn!

She is completely adored by her parents… they have fallen and fallen hard.  This little girl is being a complete angel for them.

If you’re wondering if we did a session outside in January… the answer is YES.  And thank goodness, because the W family has a beautiful and green backyard, and this made for some of the best shots.

Mom is a Horned Frog, and apparently A is, too. Go Frogs!

Loves her momma.

Thinks Dad is pretty great, too.

Do these look like sleep deprived, new parents? I think not.

Beautiful baby girl.