C contacted me about 2 weeks ago regarding a session for her family.  She and her husband, J, were going to have all of their kids in town.  All of their kids with their families.  12 people in all.  From grandparents to grandkids. From Connecticut to outside San Antonio.  All together in Austin. I’m so glad we were able to make it happen.

My husband and I left the in-laws just a little earlier than planned to make it down, and just in the nick of time.  I was able to partially unload the car, but then I was off.  It was a sunny day, and so I was a little worried about getting the right angles so the M/G family wouldn’t be squinting in every picture.  But, just as they pulled up, the sun went behind a cloud and stayed there for nearly the duration of the session.

The session went wonderfully.  This is one funny, loving family.  The three sisters were cracking each other up, and nothing was funnier than trying to get 20-month-old M to look at the camera and smile.  I think they started using the same techniques to get each other to smile.  I’m sure we looked like a spectacle to the entire park: 11 people yelling, jumping, and waving their arms around.  But it worked.  And there are some priceless pictures of each individual family, and the entire group.

Thanks, G/M family (and families).