This post has me bragging about my husband for a moment, and then documenting a party favor project.  With some photography. 🙂

M is a super programmer.  He is meticulous, detail oriented, perfectionist, and creative.  He is awesome at his job.  He’s been working for himself for a little over 2 years now, and business is good.  No, great.  The Lord has truly provided above and beyond.  Until recently, he was doing contract work on his own, but a few months ago he and his dad started Knox Technology.  M is managing a team of 4 fantastic software engineers that are getting some serious work done. To show our immense appreciation for their dedication to hard work, and great work, the folks at Knox Technology {us} decided to throw a Christmas dinner party.  For favors to these wonderful employees, I made pint glasses with a small chalkboard window so we could enjoy beverages at the party and not get mixed up glasses, and they could do the same at a later date.  It was a small gesture for the gratitude we feel to these folks.

Chalkboard spray paint.

Taped off.

Sprayed. In the living room because it was too cold outside. Bad idea, it was a little smelly.

See how there is overspray? Well, that's a long story, but it involves my husband getting the paint thinner out, then washing the glasses in the dishwasher, paint coming totally off, retaping with butcher paper, re-spraying... let's just say this post makes it look quicker and easier than it was!


The glasses, the gift bags.

*I wish I had pictures from the party itself, but it’s difficult to be a hostess and be behind a camera… which is why you should HIRE a photographer to come to your party.  But that’s another post.

** For those that followed the link to the KT website: The fact that the KT website is hosted for free through Go Daddy is a joke at our house right now.  Something about moving servers and new servers and other things I don’t really get… that’s the explanation I got… it’s temporary.  Check back later, it’ll be free of tacky Go Daddy ads.  🙂