This family is so precious.  Twin girls, sweet parents that met at a Zilker Park picnic.  A golden retriever is also a part of this story, but sadly is too rambunctious for a family photo session.  Maybe next time, Olive.

The girls are as opposite as can be in personality.  One is feisty and on the go, the other is content and sensitive.  But both are smiley, curious, and so in love with Mom and Dad.  This session was to document the marking of their one year birthday.  And how far they’ve come.  Last year they spent Christmas in the NICU, how different this year will be, and how sweet for them all to be together at home.  With two little girls that are miles, but only one year, from being 3 lb preemies.

We shot inside and outside and I think we worked the entire time to keep these crawlers in the frame and off the steps!  It was worth it. Sweating in December, only something that can happen in Texas.

Thanks, W family.

S & G

Balloons for the birthday girls.

L & S

The W Family

Mom and her girls.

S & G