My mom and I went to the funnest little holiday party last night.  We had so much fun shopping, sipping champagne, and eating gourmet cupcakes with a bunch of other women.  It was a shopping party, held in one of the cutest boutiques I’ve ever been in.  In fact, it was a boutique/salon. It was the perfect location for a party, for a shower, for a girls day out.  So. Cute.  The women running that place were helpful, friendly, and know how to pick merchandise.  If you’re in Austin, you should at least stop in.  Did I mention the prices are amazing?  They are.  My mom and I went intending to spend very little, or nothing at all.  Because we thought the prices would be outrageous.  Because we were thinking maybe what you’re thinking: a boutique in Westlake?  You would be as wrong as we were to think that.  The prices are fantastic.

Here are some shots from our very, very lovely evening…

Champagne, anyone?