I am really excited about taking this mini e-journey.  On my family blog, I have been going through a 30-day blog challenge.  I have found it inspiring, motivating, and fun to go through.  I’m in day 11, and I haven’t missed a day yet. {This is where you realize that’s why I have been neglecting this blog, and maybe you scowl.} It inspires and motivates me to get on and write something, every day.

I need that here.  I was looking for some sort of photographer’s blog challenge, because I know they exist.  But I wasn’t really finding anything good.  *Side note: If you have seen a good one, one that was interesting to read, leave me a comment with the link.

And then this little e-journey popped up in my inbox.  I thought about it for a day or two, and then decided to sign up.  I think it’ll really help me get those pictures I want this holiday, without the stress {stress=drainage of creativity=no good} or pressure. Plus, I have long admired Willette’s work, so I’m very excited about getting some tutorials and instructions from such an awesome photographer.

Additionally, it’ll give me something I feel like is worth blogging.  I’m not so interested in blogging about nothing.  And you’re probably not so interested in reading about nothing.