I am coming out of one small little creativity slump.  It was a nice two week slump that had me mucho frustrated.  I kind of had to leave photo editing alone for a bit.  What’s that about?  The season?  I don’t know.

My remedy was to focus on doing things that sparked my creativity, not drained it.  Instead of sitting at the computer editing, I focused on getting behind the camera and shooting.  Instead of staring at my computer screen, I looked at the wall behind my desk and started decorating.  Instead of stressing over booking sessions, I opened the shots I took on a recent weekend trip to New Orleans and enjoyed the inspiration of the colors and shapes of NOLA.  Instead of keeping mothering and creativity apart, I went and purchased a finger-painting set for my son and we finger-painted a couple times last week.

Did all of this work instantly?  No way.  It was work.  But I think that’s part of being a photographer (or an artist of any breed) and making it a business: working at it.  It would have been much easier to shelve the camera and put it out of mind for… well until my next scheduled session.  But I knew it was important to find a way to reignite my creativity, my passion for taking and making a great shot.  Learn from the slump.

Towards the end of last week I felt the love comin’ back.  I opened Photoshop and had fun.  I uploaded images from my camera that I loved.

That brings me to the title of this post.  New specials.  I feel the need to create some new incentive.  Something special.  Something kind of fun.  Something to continue to feed my desire to create, and something to light a fire under you to book a session!  🙂  Is that too forward?  Well, I mean it.  I get dressed and I put on 5 layers of color and texture and I want to do a session!  Fall’s clothes make for such fun sessions.

Anyway, I’m thinking.  If you’ve got some great idea, post it below!  Otherwise, check back when I make another post with this kind of title…. maybe next time it’ll deliver!