I love this blog for many reasons. She’s witty and insightful, she’s not perfect and she owns that online {gasp}.  She’s a psychologist married to a psychologist.  I was a psych major with intellectualism as my primary defense mechanism… so obviously I love hearing all about the ins and outs of psychology.  Her family was built with adoption as a key player, and when she came to Austin for an adoption conference, and we were out of town so had to cancel our registration, I was sad.

But wait, this does tie in to photography and I’m not confused as to which blog is my personal blog and which one is my business blog.  🙂  Although the line is murky right now!

She posts on WHY lifestyle photography is the way to go.  Maybe we’ve all been thinking it, but thank goodness a non-photographer publicly said it.

Thanks, Kristen.  And I’m sorry I wasn’t in Austin when you were so I could introduce myself and not just be the weird person who links up to your blog all the time {personally and professionally, yikes}.

But seriously, you guys go read that if you’re on the fence {if you’re not on the fence but looking for a good read, go there anyway}.  Maybe you’ll still decide the mall is for you, and hey, that’s fine.  But maybe you’ll decide to give a lifestyle photographer a shot.  I hope 🙂