Words can not describe the love we have for the N family.  They are our closest friends.

We met them back in ’08, so it’s not an old friendship.  It does feel like one, like we’ve known them forever.  Back to meeting them.  We were new to a community group through our church.  We showed up for the first time, and out of probably 30 people (the group was large, and soon dispersed into smaller groups) the Knoxes and the N’s were the only married-without-children people present.  Our eyes met across the room (that’s pretty much true), we had them over for dinner a few nights later (uncharacteristic of us to be so forward, turns out, uncharacteristic of them to accept), and the rest is history.

Their sweet and beautiful little girl is nearly exactly 6 months younger than our little guy.  We hope they’re best friends, then they’ll think the other is yucky, then they’ll notice the mutual attraction and date for awhile, then get married.  It’s already been arranged.

Our husbands have the same first name, share a love of the Lord and good music, and occasionally strum the guitar.  Mrs. N and I are running buddies, spur each other on to be more social and make new friends, and have a love of blogging.  Just kidding, she is awesome at blogging, I have a hard time sitting down and actually doing it.  And she is an awesome cook/baker.  Seriously, try one of her recipes.

Hope you love these, N family!

Baby girl.

Incredibly good looking parents. They also happen to be high school sweet hearts.

The N Family