The F family is a family my husband and I are happy to be getting to know.  They are sweet, and funny, and newlywed.

How fun is that?  Newlywed.  When everything is new.  I’m not a marriage veteran, but talk to some newlyweds and you’ll be surprised at how fast things change, how you forget the fun little things (it’s possible not everyone finds those “little” things fun, but I think it adds an element of adventure to be discovering new things about someone you know so well) that come out in the day to day of married life.  Being married means you can visit your parent’s house and sleep in the same room, you can snuggle in the living room and not be worried that your mom’s disapproving look will fall on you, you can vacation (TOGETHER, ALONE!), you get to trade in “boyfriend” or “fiancee” for husband or wife (so much more weight to those words), you’re planning not just for a possible future together, but a real one.

I love photographing these new life stages: engagement, newlywed, new baby.  Such excitement and unknown ahead.  You stand there looking at a couple or a family that is about to embark on something great and new and scary and fun.

The F family is no different.  We wish them the very, very best that married life has to offer.  The joy of commitment to loving and forgiving and serving your closest friend. Discovering always that this person really was created as your counterpart.

M & A, you guys are great.  An Aggie and a Longhorn, living in harmony.  It’s a testimony to us all.  🙂