I purchased this flash unit after reading many reviews and talking to some folks at the camera store I use in Austin, Precision Camera.

Flash can be a no-no, particularly the built in flash.  But this unit has a lot of capabilities to help make things not look like flash was used.  I’ve been reading about different techniques to use with flash.  It’ll serve me well in the coming months when we start to lose light earlier and earlier in the day.  It adds just a little extra light in natural light situations that are less than ideal.  It has wonderful fill flash that can be undetectable to the untrained eye.

I’ve been playing with the SB600 a bit, and it’s fun to see what new shots are available to me, and the best way to get them.

This shot is straight out of the camera.  It was shot purely as a test shot, but I’m using it here to demonstrate the naturalness of the SB600 light.  Now, obviously no one is going to be fooled to think this was shot with natural light, but the blown out, bright-spotted look of flash isn’t present.  The light is fairly soft and the subject is evenly and well lit.

SB600 Test Flash