This morning I caught our son in the hallway that leads to the office and the laundry room.  Oftentimes he gets caught in that hallway.  On his way to see his dad, but sidetracked by seeing the dogs (who call the laundry room their inside room).  The door to the laundry room was open, but the dogs are trained to stay inside the room unless otherwise told they can roam free in the house.

The scene I saw was a little 15 month old boy in his footie PJ’s with a pacifier in his mouth, book in his hands.  Standing at the threshold of the laundry room.  Staring at two golden retrievers who are laying down, head on paws.

I had to take a mental picture because my camera was in the office.  Passing the 3 of them would have meant the moment was lost.  Not to mention there is almost no natural light in that hallway.

I wish I could post my mental picture of my son and his dogs.  He loves those dogs, and they are quite fond of him.

Do you ever have those moments?  Where you long for your camera because you just stumbled on the perfect moment?  You know what?  I was glad for the opportunity to take a mental picture.  I think it made me savor it more.  I just stood there for probably a whole minute (okay, that’s a long time when it involves a scene with 2 dogs and a baby) committing that picture to memory.  If I had had my camera I would have spent that minute gauging the light, deciding which combo of ISO/aperture/shutter speed would give me the best possible results with what little light I had, wishing my SB600 was already in and on my camera, wishing my 50mm was already in and on my camera, hoping hoping hoping Woodrow (my most faithful companion/shadow) didn’t see me move in the wrong way and take it to mean I wanted him right next to me.

Nope.  Instead I stood there.  And loved the moment.