Last weekend we took a family camping trip to La Grange, Texas.  My sister-in-law’s husband (who I call my brother-in-law, but I don’t think that would be his real title, I don’t think he would have one and I don’t like that, he’s like a brother to me) has family land out there, and it is beautiful.  It’s just the right mix of camping and civilization due to some “cabins” and a cabin house with a toilet, shower, fridge, and microwave.  Running water, beautiful in its own right.

We love getting away as a family and spending time outdoors.  It’s so refreshing.  It’s even better when you love your family like we do.  We could (and have) spend weeks with them and still be just as happy.  Our son and our nephew are only 7 weeks apart, so by now that gap has pretty much closed and they’re getting more and more interested in playing with each other.  Our niece is quite the mother hen.  My sister-in-law is such a blessing to me, not just because I forget things like my son’s jacket and his sippy cup and she has my back.  But that definitely plays into it 🙂

VW family, thanks for getting us a breath of fresh air and the opportunity to marvel at a sky filled to the brim with stars.  We love you.

Miss B with her jammies and boots.

J is a serious fellow.

My heart fills just looking at this boy.

Fall is La Grange's best outfit.

How cute are these two?