I read on a photography blog once about the beauty of the light in the entryway of the house.  I hadn’t tried it, but I kept thinking of it.

Just yesterday I had to check myself on my photography motives.  I found myself trying to get my worth out of how many sessions I could book.  If this many, then people *like* me.  I’m good if people are clamoring to book with me.  And thus, then I am happy with what I’m doing.

W. R. O. N. G.

First, what faster way to kill creativity than to put your worth in people’s response to it?

Second, get over it, Erika.  I am not normally an approval seeking person.  But apparently when I start creating stuff that means a lot to me, I am.  So I need to combat that.

Third, I am doing this because I love doing it.  I love taking great pictures.  I love working on finding new and exciting ways to take great pictures.  I love reading about photography and the endless ways to improve.  I do love meeting people and talking to them and hearing their stories.

Fourth, this isn’t about money and success!  I keep reading about it, how much to charge, ugly comments to those that don’t charge enough, how you de-value yourself and your family when you don’t charge enough… and I’m a little sick of it.

I do this because I love it.

And I found out I also love entryway lighting.

And I found out I couldn’t love a little entryway-lighting-model more than I do this one…