The thing about portfolio building is this: it’s fun for everyone. I mean it.  I’m having fun.  I love coming up with specials and deals for clients, and clients have got to love really, really low prices.  Right?  Who doesn’t love that?

I was explaining this to my husband and he said, “Kind of like when you get your hair done by the new talent.”  Exactly like that.

Oh, don’t be afraid of portfolio building photographers.  I mean, I know how to use my camera in full manual mode (genius that I am), and this isn’t my very first ro-day-oh.  But I do need a more extensive portfolio and I need you.  I can’t have 3,000 pictures of just my son and 2,000 of my husband (although I bet I’m getting close to those numbers).

Here is an article for those of you out there who wonder why photographers cost so much.  I wondered. I didn’t get it.  But that article does a pretty good job of explaining the mass amounts of time and skill that really do go into the finished product that the client sees.  I also think you should know that no where in my brain is the assumption that I am entitled to make 50k a year.  Or even 20k.  Heck, I haven’t even set the goal (which I’m pretty sure she addresses with scorn).  Okay, I need to set the goal.

But clients, prospective clients, friends, random people from the internet, take advantage of portfolio building prices because photographers don’t build portfolios forever.