This guy is my brother-in-law.  His fiancee is super cool.  Much of their relationship stats line up with ours (husband and me).  They’ve been together 1.5 years at time of engagement.  Check.  They’ll be 21 when they get married. Check (for me, not for M).  He’s super tall and redheaded, she’s short (okay, I’m slightly above average, but next to a Knox we’re all short) and dark haired.  Check and check.  And they’re in love.  Check!

The whole family is excited to see these two get married next summer.  We’re excited to have C in the family.  We love seeing B love this gal well.

I had a blast doing their engagement pictures.  You don’t have to ask the engaged to get extra close and look at each other with intensity.  They do it on their own.  Plus, with a couple this good-looking my job is easy.

Thanks for letting me mark this exciting/anticipatory/sweet time in your lives, B&C.