I met this girl in high school.  She was a senior, I was a sophomore.  We became fast friends.  She was there a lot at the beginning of my husband and I’s relationship in ol’ College Station.  We have a lot of funny memories spanning high school and college.

I don’t think either of us would have guessed that within 10 years of meeting she would be a wife and mother to 3 young children.  That her life would look like what it does now. And that this life of hers would look so darn good on her, that she would be absolutely awesome at it.  Well… we probably could have guess that much.

E is thriving.  Being a mom looks great on her.  You can see immediately how much she loves her babies and how much they love her.  Oh, and they’re precious.

This was my first family of 5 (although it was only 4 present, this shoot was a birthday surprise for E’s husband) photo extravaganza.  It was work (wait, I mean that in the physical term, not in the bad-I-hated-it way), but man it was rewarding.  Some awesome moments were captured.  I was so excited to do this shoot because the R family had no other pro photos.  3 babies in a little over 3 years and no professional shots of them.  It needed to be done!

Again, I loved it.  I love how the pictures came out.  And I loved meeting the newest R and seeing E again.  Thanks for this opportunity, E!