I just got through “People Photography” by Nancy Brown.  It was kind of a waste of time. Nancy is an awesome pro photographer with a huge business in stock photography. That’s where I ran into the problem with the book.  Stock photography isn’t my thing. I’m not taking pictures of professional models for my stock image company. Her “clients” aren’t clients, she pays them (and well) and then she makes lots of money off of selling the pictures to her stock company.

So let’s count the differences: she has a stock company, I have families and couples.  She has a standard to adhere to that I don’t.  No one is examining my files pixel by pixel (no joke, her stock company checks pixel by pixel).  Her goals with her pictures are changing with the general public’s attitude and trends.  Mine change as my business grows, but it’s still about the people I work with, not society as a whole.  Um, she’s rich and she writes about “finding a great model and sticking with them”.  What?  Does not apply here.

I think you get the picture.

She has a few great things about photographing children, but even that was kind of intuitive.  Like give them breaks if they need it.

So if you’re not shooting for stock, maybe just skip this read.