Welcome to the Erika Knox Photography blog!

Not a whole lot to see here right now.  I just spent many, many hours getting the website up and running and now I can turn some focus to posting on here.

I’ve had the pleasure of doing a couple really great sessions recently and I will do a post for each of them, very soon!

What’s this blog going to be about?  Well… previews for clients, mainly.  If you found your way here not from the splash page on www.erikaknox.com, then that little link should take you right where you want to go – the main website with contact and pricing details.

I also want this blog to actually be interesting for anyone aside from clients who are looking for a good read (ha.  or a funny read.  because good read was clearly my first joke here).  When I come across something new or pretty cool, or if I read something great for the budding photographer out there, or if… I don’t know, something….. basically this won’t just be previews.  I might just link to all of those other awesome photographers’ blogs out there that I read and rely on often.

So thanks for coming and checking this blog out.  It’ll be updated regularly so I hope you come back!