I got to meet this lovely family for the first time last week, and I was reminded why I love this job so much.

This family of 3-soon-to-be-4 is newly moved from Puerto Rico, and settling in just fine.  I am amazed at people who can make this huge life change and do it with grace.  I think 2 months in to a move to a new country I would still be a mess.  But not the Sancho family.  They were sweet and relaxed and their boy was cute as can be.

They get to welcome a new baby girl into their family in just a couple weeks, and they’re glowing with excitement.


New Life

My last post was Candace’s maternity session where we were anticipating this new baby in our family.

This post is that baby girl’s entrance into the world!

I can’t tell you what a privilege it was to be present for a birth.  And not just any birth, but the birth of my niece.

It’s surreal to watch an unmedicated birth having done it myself.  It’s kind of like watching yourself.  I could easily see why when I was laboring everyone around me was so chill.  Oddly, you have so much perspective when you’re not the one laboring.  Funny, right?

Candace did an amazing job, Lucy was so sweet to her mother and made the experience “easy” (as far as unmedicated births go, which is to say not easy at all), and photographing births would totally be my jam if they weren’t completely unpredictable.

But this birth?  It was perfect.

*Edited to add: YES, Candace really looked that gorgeous during (and after, for crying out loud!) an unmedicated birth.  I know, it’s not fair.  But it’s true.

Coming Soon {Maternity}


In just a few short weeks I get another niece. A playmate for my little girl that has no sisters, grandchild #10 for the Knoxes, girl #3 in that big group but girl #1 in her little family.  There is something breathtakingly beautiful about a pregnant woman, near the end, content to wait on her sweet baby girl.  What a privilege it is to carry a child, and I am so glad I got to do this session at the beach with my sister-in-law who is always mindful of that gift.  Baby Lucy, we’re all anxiously awaiting your arrival in August!


Three Months Young

I finally got to meet my cousin’s baby boy, Greyson.  You might remember him from this maternity session.

He was supposed to be here in March.

He came at the end of January.

That means that when I was meeting him, even though his birthday says he was about to turn 3 months old, his chubby little body said newbie.

He was super sweet and chill, and his mom is looking like a natural.  There was one grandpa there, and one grandma, and Greyson is clearly adored by everyone.

Moving Day!

I have these sweet clients that you see a lot of… because they’re wonderful.  They regularly update their family pictures, they have fantastic style, their kids are bursting with personality, and they’re up for just about anything…including family pictures on moving day.  You know, a day that is super stressful.  They still had me come and do a mini session for them.

And of course I was down because their house is a dream.  And maybe there wasn’t all the furniture in it yet.  And maybe the outside isn’t quite done.  But it’s rich with history and has beautiful light and really what else is there?

I basically want to show you every single picture I took, but I guess this will do!

All the Family {Austin Family Photographer}

On short notice I was contacted by this sweet family.  Everyone was in town (from across the globe, no less) to celebrate their mom’s 60th birthday, and it called for some family pictures.

There’s something really great about large family pictures.  Coming from big families, I know it’s such a rare thing to be all together.  All those personalities, all that history, different dynamics.

It’s so worth the hassle and stress of getting pictures done when you’re all together like that.  They will treasure these pictures forever.

Little Brother {Austin Newborn Photographer}

I love the bows and headbands and accessories you can play with for a girl’s newborn session, but the simplicity of a boy’s newborn session also has it’s appeal.

This isn’t my first time to photograph this sweet family, but it is my first time to get to do a newborn session for them.  They have been blessed with a happy, content little man.  He was awake for at least half the session and didn’t give us a peep about ummm, milk.  Being fed.  The important things in his life right now.  Not a peep.  He just went from eyes wide open to dozing and back again.

It’s an extra treat when you get to do some of your newborn session outside in February.  That’s a luxury usually afforded to only the summer babies.

Herman family, congratulations on becoming a family of 4!

Newborn Boy


I got the pleasure of photographing this precious family.  I knew Emily in high school, but we were in separate grades and ran with separate crowds, so we weren’t close and then didn’t keep in touch.  In fact, we had little interaction besides kind of randomly riding to prom together one year.

Then I ran into her and her sweet little girl at Bible Study Fellowship last year.  It was such a surprise to run in to each other at such a random place!  Lucky for us, we were in the same group last year and this year so we’ve had plenty of time to reconnect and grow a friendship as grown ups!

Getting to meet and hold this baby boy was such a joy for me.  I’ve been praying for him since before he was born.  I loved watching E as a big sister, I loved watching Brett and Emily working together to care for their two babies, and of course I loved snuggling that newborn boy.

How do I get such beautiful families to photograph??? I don’t know.  But this one is just gorgeous.  Inside and out.  Thank you, Reis family!  I enjoyed our session start to finish.



Christmas Maternity Session


I did a maternity session for my sweet cousin on Christmas day.  We had our family Christmas out on another cousin’s farm, so after eating we just walked out into their field. Lucky for us, we also walked by an open shed and saw this cute chair sitting inside.  Andrea B, I’m sure you’re going to redo these for your house, but they were PERFECT for our session.

I am completely in love with these pictures.  They are gorgeous.  My cousin, Andrea W, looks amazing.  She’s glowing.  And her colors + the setting?  It’s so perfect.  Also, I just love my cousin.  My sister and I always call her our other sister.

My sister helped with this session and it made me think I should always have an assistant along.  She was super helpful, so thank you to Sarah!  This session also made me think I should hunt down more maternity sessions.